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What is included in my purchase?
You will receive 2 sets of labels, front and back for which you will apply to a wine bottle that has already had the label removed. 

How do I remove the original bottle's wine label?
We like to use warm water and dish soap. Just soak the label until it has softened and remove. If it's being stubborn, add a little oil (olive oil or vegetable oil) and rub until it comes off. Then clean the bottle with warm water and soap, rinse and dry completely.

How soon will my labels arrive?
Labels are customized within 2 days of receiving the order. They are shipped free via USPS. If you would like expedited shipping, just choose your shipping option at check out. 

Will I receive a proof before the labels are sent?
Yes! Proofs are required before labels are printed. 

I'm having a party and would love to have all my wine bottles customized. Do you offer multiple prints?
Absolutely! Use the pull down menu in the products page to order multiple copies. 

I like the Chico wine label but have two dogs that I would like to include; would I be able to change the story and the image to accommodate?
For sure!  All of our labels can accommodate any pet or pets regardless of what is currently on the label. 

I really like this picture of me and my husband, but it's a bit dark. Will it still look good?
We will adjust color and lighting if needed in the image. If you are unsure, just attach the image to your order and we will contact you if we need a different image.